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.... Just because you didn't earn any money with online paid survey, that doesn't mean that they are a waste of time.

Online paid survey takers can earn a solid second income. It may not be more than a few hundred dollars each month, but it's enough to pay the light bill or the phone bill, or maybe both. But you may also make a killing at it. It takes time to build up a steady stream of business, but the same thing applies regardless of what business you choose to pursue.

Like any other online opportunity, it takes time and effort to build an income with surveys. Many people who have failed, say the same thing about SFI, Goji, Empowerism, and dozens of other online stay at home job opportunities. But, thousands of members of these same companies are making good money every month. Try to convince them that they are wasting their time, and they will laugh at you. Meanwhile, their bank accounts just keep filling up with cash!

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The biggest downfall that new online paid survey takers face, is a lack of knowledge of the activity itself. Hopefully, the following will give you a good starting point. Companies spend millions of dollars on Market Research every year. So, they are ready to pay for your consumer opinion. Why you ask? Because people hang up on telemarketers. Plain and simple! People hate telemarketers and very few actually talk to them. Wondering how? Doing Online Jobs and Telecommuting are home workers' top picks now, so you can become a teleworker and get paid to work from the comfort of your home. New online paid survey opportunities are available every day!

To earn money with online paid surveys, you consider the following general questions:

How much money can you make taking paid surveys?
Typical cash paying surveys take 5 to 30 minutes to complete, and the cash paying surveys generally reward you $2 to $50 or possible more for every survey you complete. Others may give you gift certificates or enter you into sweepstakes for cash or prizes. Some sites occasionally offer focus groups. These usually lasts 1 or 2 hours, but generally pay more than $50.

I don't live in the US or Canada, can I still participate in Online Surveys?
While it is true, several of the survey panels we list on this site only accept US and Canadian residents, there is a growing list of survey panels that are looking for international panel members.

What are Online Survey Panels?
Online survey panels are hosted by Market Research companies. These companies gather willing consumers with different demographics and geographic locations that which to share their opinions. By forming these online panels, Market Research companies can than perform host online surveys on new products and services on behalf of their corporate clients. The answers from all the participants are then compiled by the market research company and presented to their client.

How do paid survey companies pay you?
Paid Survey Companies conduct market research on behalf of companies that produce products and sell services. They offer you cash and prizes in exchange for your time and consumer opinions. Companies are constantly trying to improve their products, and before they launch a new product and an expensive advertising campaign, they need to know about consumer preferences. Online surveys are an easy way for collecting consumer opinions to guide these companies. In exchange for your opinions they will compensate you with cash, prizes, or sweepstakes entries. Some of them even send you sample products, and pay you to conduct product evaluations.

Are there Paid Survey Sites for Teens under 18?
Yes, their are several survey panels that accept teens 13 and older.

How many surveys can I expect to receive per month?
The number of surveys you will receive depends on your demographic profile. Survey panels conduct different studies for different customers, and each study will generally target a particular segment of population depending on the requirements of the client. For instance a survey study about a new shaving gel would target adult males, while a study about a new portable digital music player may target teens and young adults. The number of surveys you will receive also depends on the survey panel as well. Some survey panels will send more frequent survey invitations than others. The best way to ensure that you receive the maximum number of paid surveys is to join as many of the recommended paid survey sites as you have time for and to complete your various profiles for each survey panel. The profiles are very important because they help the survey companies match the surveys to the desired segment of the population as required by the study.

Why do you have to be at least 13 years old to participate in online survey panels?
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) dictates that online survey panels cannot accept panelists under the age of 13 to register directly their panel. However, input from children is still needed, and in these cases parents that are panel members are often asked to provide input from their children for speciific studies. Most survey panels require member to be at least 18 years of age, however their are several panels that do accept teens.

Are paid survey panels free to join? Will I ever have to buy anything?
Yes, all of the paid survey panels listed on this site are free to join. That is because we only list legitimate market research panels. There are lots of sites out there that would have you thing that taking surveys involves paying for trial offers of services and products, but THIS IS NOT THE CASE. While it is true some survey panels may send you things in the mail to try as part of a survey study, they will never charge your for the products or ask for any compensation other than completion of the survey study. These types of site are referred to as the  "Get Paid to Try Offers" panels, and while they often do pay there members, should not be confused with paid survey panels hosted by market research firms. Paid Market Research Panels will NEVER ask you for money or invite you to try a paid offer or service.

Is there a limit to how many panels you can join?
No, there is no limit. Since each of the online paid survey panels is generally hosted by a separate Market Research Company, you can join as many as you wish. Each maintains their own database of users. However, you will generally have the best results if try to focus on a core group of survey panels, and participate in them fully by keeping your profiles up to date and answers all survey questions thoughtfully. Of course, that "core number" can vary depending on how much free time you have.

How do I get started with Paid Surveys?
Getting started with Paid Surveys is easy. You just need to have an email address and meet the basic residency/age requirements of the survey panel you wish to join. If you are 18 or older and a resident of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom you have many survey panels to choose from. If not, there are still many options.

I would suggest you get started by signing up with 5 to 10 survey panels to get started. You will then start receiving online paid survey invitations via email from each of the panels. Most surveys can be completed in 5 to 30 minutes, and incentives offered will vary depending on the length of the study and the survey panel hosting the study. If you find that you enjoy taking surveys online, and wish to take more surveys, than I suggest you join more of the panels featured on the survey site.

My only suggestion is that you may want to sign up for a PayPal account if you don't already have one, since many of the survey panels offer Payment via PayPal.

Online Paid Surveys can provide a terrific income stream, that will continue to grow as you become more knowledgeable and experienced with them. One of the keys to running a successful stay at home job, is to establish multiple streams of income. Each of these streams might only provide a few dollars each month, but with enough different sources, you will find that you are able to earn a substantial second income.

You may not get filthy stinking rich by completing surveys, but if you follow these eight steps, you stand a good chance of earning enough to pay a couple of extra bills each month. But then again you just might. Time and effort makes a difference.

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